Why and How is Psychology beneficial to me?

Psychology is a very familiar and common part of our western health medical model. This is evident due to being recognised by Medicare and regularly referred to from GP’s, doctors and other health professionals. In addition, it is a recognised profession by APHRA which regulates the registration of medical professionals. It is also available to study as a course through University.

Psychology assists people to overcome mental health struggles. Theses days it is more common and slowly understood that some physical symptoms have manifested and originated from the mind. In the medical field this is called psychosomatic origin.

In my professional life, observation of clients and in my own experience throughout my previous struggles such as an autoimmune condition, I see over and over how traumatic events, if not addressed in time, create chronic physical and mental health conditions and problems. It seems like that this knowledge is still not well known amongst the general population. 

If someone is diagnosed with a health condition of psychosomatic origin it doesn’t mean that the physical symptom is not real. In fact, it is more than true and real to the person experiencing it.

I often have observed this during my time as a Registered Nurse. I remember in my 1st year of nursing in rural Queensland where a young girl presented with ongoing random seizures. The nurses and doctors said it was “put on”. However, the patient and family were determined it was not.

This is the same basis with chronic pain. Often stuck emotions and feelings can create this incredible amount of perceived pain. No matter how much pain relief is prescribed, it either does not work or has very limited effect.

Psychology can help an individual understand the reasoning behind the symptom, behaviour, feeling and thought. I call this addressing of the conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy on the other hand, address the trauma embedded in the unconscious. The part we as humans are often not aware of as it is an automatic response such as a bad habit. For example nail biting. Often the person doesn’t even know that their doing it until they have chewed off all their nails.

Overall, a combination of psychology and hypnotherapy can have incredible amount of positive effects on everyones wellbeing.

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