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Alternative Therapy
for KIDS and ADULTS,
Sunshine Coast

Located on the Sunshine Coast, The Transformed Mind specialises in helping you achieve your goals by overcoming internal barriers. Through different modalities such as HypnotherapyNeuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Reiki and TFT techniques, Sarah acts as a guide and assists people make positive change. With a background in nursing, Sarah is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master who understands the scientific theory and evidence behind the practice and has experienced the benefits firsthand.

Each Sunshine Coast Alternative Health Therapy session is confidential, personalised and can be held at your home, in our Meridan Plains Clinic, outside in nature or via video or phone call.

Sarah’s mission is to create an individulised and powerful experience so you leave your session knowing you have achieved change within yourself and get a sense of empowerment.

Enter a relaxed state of mind and focus on your subconscious to confront problematic behaviour, fears or issues. Sarah will guide you through hypnosis to facilitate positive change and work towards your desired outcome.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming uses perceptual, behavioural & communication techniques to change your thoughts and behaviours to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

A calming experience, Reiki stimulates your body’s natural healing abilities. Reiki removes blockages to help the flow of energy through all Chakra’s and can reduce medical symptoms such as pain & inflammation as well as assisting the mind’s wellbeing.

 Thought Field Therapy is done by gentle tapping at certain points around the body. Amongst many benefits tapping is used to assists in rapid release of unwanted believes and self sabotage at The Transformed Mind.

 Tools derived from Kinesiology such as muscle testing and stimulation of  meridians to release and assist the body and mind to automatically allow the body to heal itself are used in combination with other modalities. 

Disclaimer: Sarah is not a fully qualified Kinesiologist. 

 Brain Gym is a physical, movement based modality to assist the brain to function at it’s optimal level, enhancing sensory skills in the process. It’s tools are used to assist with communication, comprehension and organisation. Brain Gym is popular amongst children but can also be used for adults.

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Racing mind



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Decision Making

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