The Transformed Mind specialises in helping you reach your goals by breaking down internal barriers and changing your mindset. A session in Hypnotherapy, Reiki or NLP with our Sunshine Coast based specialist Sarah will leave you feeling relaxed and motivated to make positive change. Each session with Sarah is personalised to suit your desired outcome and can be held at your home, our Sunshine Coast clinic, out in nature or via video or phone call

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Sarah Herrmann

Registered Nurse
Alternative Therapist

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a qualified nurse and graduated from QUT in 2013. Sarah first began hypnotherapy to help with the stress and anxiety of studying. She found the hypnotherapy sessions helped her have the right mindset when entering an exam and her results greatly improved. Sarah continued to see a Hypnotherapist regularly to change her beliefs and behaviours to encourage a more positive lifestyle.

Her passion for the practice grew, motivating her to complete a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP and Modern Psychology at the Mind Academy. In 2018, Sarah began working with nursing students to facilitate their learning and help them manage stress throughout their studies. Sarah now uses her Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help clients across the Sunshine Coast to develop confidence, improve mental health, change habits and reach their ideal mindset. Sarah’s goal is for each client to walk out of a session knowing they have achieved positive change and are one step closer to reaching their objective.

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