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Reiki is a type of energy healing modality which uses hands on and non touch techniques with symbols to assist and create healing for the mind and body.

It has officially been taught since the 1800’s. The word Reiki is pronounced “Ray Key” and is the Japanese word for “Universal Life Force Energy”.

Energy is present everywhere we turn from lights, electricity, batteries to our body’s cells and heart. This means that every part of our life we are surrounded by different types of energy. Since energy travels Reiki can be received face to face through The Transformed Mind’s Clinic in Meridian Plains, Caloundra or even via distance. It works just as well.

By harvesting the energy we have around us Reiki Master Sarah Herrmann is able to direct it to the areas of your body which require healing and more energy flow. Certain parts of our body may be “blocked”. Sarah can utilise Reiki healing to unblock these points or even chakra’s to activate the natural flow through the body and therefore enabling the body to align and heal itself in children and adults.

Usually, at The Transformed Mind a Reiki Energy Healing session is received laying down but can also be adjusted to sitting. Besides helping the body with healing a wonderful and welcome side effect from Reiki is a calm nervous system. Some people describe a Sunshine Coast Reiki session as simply relaxing and peaceful while others may experience “upgrades” on a mental, physical or even spiritual level. Every Reiki session through The Transformed Mind is unique and may trigger some emotional release, memories, sensations or nothing at all besides a calm body and mind.

Reiki for Children

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Children experience stress too. Reiki can help Kids to become more resilient and calm. Children and Teenagers seem to love Reiki due to its promotion of relaxation. Reiki is suitable for children any age.
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Reiki for Adults

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Every day life can create a lot of stress on the body and mind. Reiki for adults first and foremost soothes and calms the nervous system. Therefore, adults seem to perceive life as less stressful, decreasing inflammation in the body for healing to take place instead.
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Definition of Reiki

“A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”

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Sarah Herrmann is a fully qualified Reiki Master and Teacher. She studied and completed all Usui Reiki certifications on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia through Light of Wellness Reiki Teacher and Practitioner Natalie Ubl Grant.

Sarah also studied Seichim Reiki level 1 and Holy Fire level 3 to enrich her knowledge and add to her toolbox.

Reiki Master and Teacher Sunshine Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

It is believed that through allowing the energy to flow through he body it activates the natural healing abilities of the body. Often, through centuries of time, the knowledge of us being able to heal ourselves has been forgotten. Reiki also helps to create calm and relaxation which is required to soothe, settle and calm the nervous system. This removed stress and allows the body to regenerate and heal.

Everyones experience varies. Some people may notice occasional hot, cold, tingling, pressure or even burning sensations. Some clients have reported that they felt being touched while the Reiki Master did not have physical contact with the clients body. Sarah will use a mix of touch and non touch techniques to manipulate, change and create energy flow. Gentle touch mainly around the head, chest/ shoulders, stomach, pelvis, legs and feet are common during a Sunshine Coast Reiki session. Other times Sarah may wave or glide her hands through the air, above or next to the persons body. Not everyone has experiences such as above described. Clients have also mentioned that they felt “nothing” however, a common side effect from a Reiki session is always a feeling of calm and relaxed.

Yes. Sarah’s experience is that kids love to relax just as much, if not even more, than adults. The younger the child the harder it will be for them to sit still. This is always taken into consideration. While the child may want to draw Reiki can still be done. For Teenagers it seems to be easier to lay down. So far, any Reiki for Teenagers has been very successful and well received. 

Yes. Distance Reiki healings are becoming more popular and especially at the current times of uncertainty and illness. You will still be able to receive  the same amount of benefit as in person as energy travels to where it is directed to.

Yes, Reiki does not need to be applied in a spiritual way. It is based on the concept of energy and vibrational flow which is the basis of the law of physics. Each atom vibrates at a certain rate and every object, living being or physical structure is made out of millions of atoms. This means nothing is actually solid, as it seems to appear to us. This information was taught to Sarah when she was in grade 8 and elected Physics as a subject in school. 

Even though Sarah was taught with a spiritual outlook on Reiki, any Reiki session delivered by The Transformed Mind is adjusted in accordance with the persons needs. Some Reiki sessions are quiet with minimal or no talking involved. At other times Sarah may be utilising additional hypnotic processes to get you closer to the result you are after.

At The Transformed Mind Chakra Crystals are available to be utilised during each healing Reiki session upon request. Sarah Herrmann usually utilises her hands and voice instead of Crystals but is open and happy to provide you with the energy and healing of the Crystals if you are drawn to it.

Since every Sunshine Coast Reiki session is different the answer varies. Some clients have reported that they sensed a presence from their Spirit guide (person or animal), loved one who passed away or even Angels. If you are interested to know who was present with their energy Sarah is always happy to tell you her experience and findings during your Reiki session. She often uses a pendulum to ask questions and receive answers.

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